Dr James R Palmer

Occasionally this blog will feature updates on, and summaries of, work currently being completed by research cluster members. Below is an update from Dr James R Palmer.

“My research interests lie in examining the interplay of science, evidence, discourse and power in policy-making processes related to the governance of sustainable energy systems, transport and the environment. Theoretically, my work seeks to integrate ideas drawn from environmental geography, interpretive policy analysis, and science and technology studies (STS). 

My doctoral research detailed controversy over the land-use change impacts of biofuel production at the European level, documenting both the complex and diverse discursive framings of this issue and reflecting on its significance as an archetypal ‘wicked problem’. As of early 2014, I am in the early stages of a new project examining the politics of sustainable road transport governance in Brussels. Beyond this work I have also contributed to a project on emerging public policy issues, administered by the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy, and to the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society’s ongoing Climate Geoengineering Governance project in Oxford.”