In 1936, the great modernist playwright Elias Canetti gave a speech on the occasion of the novelist Herman Broch’s birthday, in which he described the artist’s relationship to the period as a “breathing-relation”: a particular mode of immersion in the tangible atmospheric conditions of the age. The artist, for Canetti, is a sensor of micro-climates,… Continue reading Being-in-the-air

EMAPS 2014 – a data visualisation ‘sprint’ at SOGE

For those wondering why there was an assortment of unfamiliar people hunched over laptops in the department between the 22nd and 26th of April, I can now explain. The department was playing host to a ‘data sprint’, a data visualisation workshop, loosely based on the format of a hackathon (that is, an internet based competition… Continue reading EMAPS 2014 – a data visualisation ‘sprint’ at SOGE