Geo-urban attunements: Reykjavík, convection, genius loci

During a day last April, I spent my time walking around Vesturbær (a residential area of central Reykjavík), with a small HD video-camera attached to my shoe. As my feet hit the pavement my rhythm and pace varied. My posture altered without conscious thought. Frictions were in flux. The night before it had snowed but snow and… Continue reading Geo-urban attunements: Reykjavík, convection, genius loci


In 1936, the great modernist playwright Elias Canetti gave a speech on the occasion of the novelist Herman Broch’s birthday, in which he described the artist’s relationship to the period as a “breathing-relation”: a particular mode of immersion in the tangible atmospheric conditions of the age. The artist, for Canetti, is a sensor of micro-climates,… Continue reading Being-in-the-air