The geography of biomedical data, lab mice and common cold viruses?

I am very excited to be joining the Technological Natures Cluster, after spending a productive and enjoyable eight years as lecturer in Geography at QMUL. I am, however, wondering what my new colleagues will make of my somewhat unusual companions: biomedical data, laboratory mice and common cold virsues? Not perhaps everyone’s chosen associates, but fitting… Continue reading The geography of biomedical data, lab mice and common cold viruses?

New Food Frontiers Symposium

Why do foods differ across space? What are the trajectories of food cultures? How are ethics, sustainability and quality articulated through what we grow and what we eat? On the 23rd of May 2014, researchers from several departments of the university came together at Linacre College to explore these, and other, questions concerning food, drink… Continue reading New Food Frontiers Symposium

Trespassing in Fieldwork

On 3 June 2014 the Technological Natures research cluster sponsored an interdisciplinary symposium entitled “Trespassing in Fieldwork,” held at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford.  Organized by Dr. Peter Wynn Kirby with crucial assistance from the intrepid Sasha Engelmann, the symposium investigated “trespass” in its ethical, methodological and social dimensions, hosting presentations grouped into three at once… Continue reading Trespassing in Fieldwork


In 1936, the great modernist playwright Elias Canetti gave a speech on the occasion of the novelist Herman Broch’s birthday, in which he described the artist’s relationship to the period as a “breathing-relation”: a particular mode of immersion in the tangible atmospheric conditions of the age. The artist, for Canetti, is a sensor of micro-climates,… Continue reading Being-in-the-air

Welcome to the TechNatures blog…

Technological Natures: Materialities, mobilities, politics Research in the Technological Natures research cluster is developing new understandings of society, politics and publics through examining how nominally ‘natural’ processes and events come to be articulated through the matter and meaning of collective life. Among the central questions to which we are pursuing answers include: how do the… Continue reading Welcome to the TechNatures blog…